Postgraduate researchers

The University of Sheffield is home to many postgraduate research students whose thesis topic and research interests engage with the early modern period broadly conceived.

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The following students are currently pursuing doctoral research and can be contacted through SCEMS. Where possible, a link to their individual research profiles has been given.

  • Ella Alton
    Representations of nuns, convents and the kinship networks of unmarried women, 1600-1800
    Supervisor: Marcus Nevitt (English)

  • Michael Broughton
    The Language of War: Elizabethan Military Discourse and Culture in Print
    Supervisor: Phil Withington (History)

  • Rama Friedlander
    Shakespeare and the elements
    Supervisor: Tom Rutter (English)

  • Jamie Graves
    Emotions and Social Status in Early Modern England.
    Supervisor: Phil Withington (History)

  • Becky Herd
    Violence and Gender in the Tragedies and Tragicomedies of Seventeenth-Century French Female Playwrights (1655-1691)
    Supervisor: David McCallum and Maxime Goergen (School of Languages and Cultures)

  • Mark Jones
    ‘Riot’ in Early Modern England: Language, Violence, and Inequality
    Supervisor: Phil Withington

  • Lucy Morgan
    Single men and manhood in early modern England, 1650-1750
    Supervisor: Phil Withington (History)

  • Emily Naish
    ‘Of Albion’s glorious Isle the Wonders whilst I write’: Poly-Olbion’s relationship to the natural world
    Supervisor: Cathy Shrank (English)

  • Thomas Nixon-Roworth
    Clergy and lay relations in mid-seventeenth century England, 1640-1672
    Supervisor: Anthony Milton

  • Maria Pace Acquilina
    The education and representation of women in early Tudor England
    Supervisor: Cathy Shrank (English)

  • Leonie Price
    Initials, Goods and Buildings: Marriage as a Material and Social Practice in Early Modern England
    Supervisor: Phil Withington (History)

  • Hannah Slack
    Supervisor: Tom Leng (History)

  • Kay Tapply
    A social and intellectual biography of Lucius Cary, 2nd Viscount Falkland.
    Supervisors: Phil Withington; Tom Leng (History)

  • Joe Tryner
    Entrate nel fuoco: Popular Politics in Early Renaissance Florence
    Supervisor: James Shaw (History)